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Mike Long Second Language Acquisition and Task-Based Teaching

This book offers an in-depth explanation of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and the methods necessary to implement it in the language classroom successfully. Combines a survey of theory and research in instructed second language acquisition (ISLA) with insights from language teaching and the philosophy of education Details best practice for TBLT programs, including discussion of learner needs and means analysis; syllabus design; materials writing; choice of methodological principles and pedagogic procedures; criterion-referenced, task-based performance assessment; and program evaluation Written by an esteemed scholar of second language acquisition with over 30 years of research and classroom experience Considers diffusion of innovation in education and the potential impact of TBLT on foreign and second language learning

9420.59 РУБ



David Willis Doing Task-Based Teaching

Task-based teaching has created enormous interest among teachers in recent years. But how does the idea of designing tasks (e.g. discussions, problems, games) that encourage learners to use real language work in practice? This book explains the basic principles behind task-based learning and teaching and gives practical examples of how to make it work in different teaching situations.

2152.99 РУБ



Alessandro Benati G. The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition

A comprehensive, current review of the research and approaches to advanced proficiency in second language acquisition The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition offers an overview of the most recent and scientific-based research concerning higher proficiency in second language acquisition (SLA). With contributions from an international team of experts in the field, the Handbook presents several theoretical approaches to SLA and offers an examination of advanced proficiency from the viewpoint of various contexts and dimensions of second language performance. The authors also review linguistic phenomena among advanced learners through the lens of phonology and grammar development. Comprehensive in scope, this book provides an overview of advanced proficiency grounded in socially-relevant domains of second language acquisition including discourse, reading, genre-based writing, and pragmatic competence. The authoritative volume brings together the theoretical accounts of advanced language use combined with solid empirical research. Includes contributions from an international collection of noted scholars in the field of second language acquisition Offers a variety of theoretical approaches to SLA Contains information on the most recent empirical research that contributes to an understanding of SLA Describes performance phenomena according to multiple approaches to SLA Written for scholars, students and linguists, The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition is a comprehensive text that offers the most recent developments in the study of advanced proficiency in the acquisition of a second language.

13906.07 РУБ



Kirsten Hummel M. Introducing Second Language Acquisition. Perspectives and Practices

Introducing Second Language Acquisition: Perspectives and Practices represents a clear and concise introduction to the main concepts, issues, and debates in second language acquisition studies aimed specifically at undergraduates encountering the topic for the first time. Follows six fictitious language learners throughout the text whose stories serve to introduce various concepts and issues Contains specific chapters on first language acquisition and bilingualism, as well as explicit references to the most recent and important research Covers key topics including acquisition contexts, theoretical perspectives, language teaching methods, second language development, and individual differences (such as age, aptitude, and motivation) Grabs student attention with lighthearted cartoons that illustrate and reinforce key ideas Features a full range of pedagogical tools to aid student learning, including “language learning in practice” textboxes; bolded new terms defined in the margins; an end-of-book glossary; self-assessment and classroom discussion questions; exercise and project ideas; and further online viewing sections

7825.5 РУБ



Carol A. Chapelle The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching Learning

The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching and Learning presents a comprehensive exploration of the impact of technology on the field of second language learning. The rapidly evolving language-technology interface has propelled dramatic changes in, and increased opportunities for, second language teaching and learning. Its influence has been felt no less keenly in the approaches and methods of assessing learners language and researching language teaching and learning. Contributions from a team of international scholars make up the Handbook consisting of four parts: language teaching and learning through technology; the technology-pedagogy interface; technology for L2 assessment; and research and development of technology for language learning. It considers how technology assists in all areas of language development, the emergence of pedagogy at the intersection of language and technology, technology in language assessment, and major research issues in research and development of technologies for language learning. It covers all aspects of language including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking, pragmatics, and intercultural learning, as well as new pedagogical and assessment approaches, and new ways of conceiving and conducting research and development. The Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching and Learning demonstrates the extensive, multifaceted implications of technology for language teachers, learners, materials-developers, and researchers.

14821.72 РУБ



Zoltan Dornyei The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition

The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition offers a systematic and accessible overview of the main psychological areas and theories in order to keep abreast of the ongoing paradigm shift.

2916.5 РУБ



H. G. Widdowson Teaching Language as Communication

This book develops a rational approach to the teaching of language as communication, based on a careful consideration of the nature of language and of the language users activities. It will stimulate all language teachers to investigate the ideas that inform their own practice.

2569.75 РУБ



Patsy M. Lightbown Focus on Content-Based Language Teaching

Examines the challenges of learning both language and content in the same class, and reviews classroom-based research on instructional practices that can meet those challenges in primary and secondary schools.

1666.21 РУБ



Marti Anderson Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching 3rd edition

Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching has influenced the way thousands of teachers have taught English. This classic guide to developing the way you teach has been an essential resource to new and experienced teachers worldwide, and is now in its third edition. Each chapter focuses on a different teaching approach, describing it being used in the classroom, analyzing what happened, and helping you think how you could apply it to your own teaching. New features of the third edition include: a new discussion on the political dimensions of language teaching, a new digital technology chapter, and extended coverage of content-based and task-based approaches. On this site you will find additional resources, including author videos in which Diane Larsen-Freeman and Marti Anderson talk about the background to the book and new innovations in language teaching which are discussed in the third edition.

2082.97 РУБ



Cutting Edge: Pre-Intermediate: Students Book (+ DVD-ROM)

Cutting Edge Third Edition builds on the distinctive task-based approach that makes this course so popular. Written by industry practitioners the series combines a strong grammar syllabus with the specialist vocabulary and skills that learners need to succeed in their chosen field. Cutting Edge Third Edition builds on the distinctive task-based approach that makes this course so popular. New World Culture lessons with video clips give a worldwide view on topics. New Engaging topics encourage guided online research. New Language Live lessons practice functional language in video and audio clips. Integrated video. Fully aligned to the CEFR. Task Based Learning is core to the methodology. Units have clear aims and focus. A balanced approach to topics, language and skills. Discovery approach to grammar.

1986 РУБ



Mackey Alison Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition. A Practical Guide

Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition: A Practical Guideis an informative guide to research design and methodology for graduate students and scholars. Each chapter of this volume offers background, step-by-step guidance, and relevant studies to create comprehensive coverage of each method. Includes chapters by expert scholars on an array of topics, including second language writing and reading, meta-analyses, research replication, qualitative data collection and analysis, and more Includes feature boxes in each chapter highlighting relevant research studies, discussion questions and suggested further readings Utilizes research methods and tools from varied fields of study including education, linguistics, psychology, and sociology

8999.49 РУБ



Rod Ellis Language Teaching Research and Pedagogy

This book examines current research centered on the second language classroom and the implications of this research for both the teaching and learning of foreign languages. It offers illuminating insights into the important relationship between research and teaching, and the inherent complexities of the teaching and learning of foreign languages in classroom settings. Offers an accessible overview of a range of research on instruction and learning in the L2 classroom Bridges the relationship between research, teachers, and learners Helps evolve the practice of dedicated current language teachers with research findings that suggest best practices for language teaching

8611.42 РУБ



Intercultural Communication and Chinese Language Teaching book,Foreign language teaching professional series book

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Kimberly Geeslin L. The Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquisition

Bringing together a comprehensive collection of newly-commissioned articles, this Handbook covers the most recent developments across a range of sub-fields relevant to the study of second language Spanish. Provides a unique and much-needed collection of new research in this subject, compiled and written by experts in the field Offers a critical account of the most current, ground-breaking developments across key fields, each of which has seen innovative empirical research in the past decade Covers a broad range of issues including current theoretical approaches, alongside a variety of entries within such areas as the sound system, morphosyntax, individual and social factors, and instructed language learning Presents a variety of methodological approaches spanning the active areas of research in language acquisition

15728.87 РУБ



Fernández Eva M. Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics

Introducing the fundamental issues in psycholinguistics, this book explores the amazing story of the unconscious processes that take place when humans use language. It is an ideal text for undergraduates taking a first course in the study of language. Topics covered include the biological foundations of language; acquisition of first and second languages in children and adults; the mental lexicon; and speech production, perception, and processing Structured as an engaging narrative that takes the reader from an idea in the mind of a speaker to its comprehension in the mind of the hearer Reflects the latest empirical developments in psycholinguistics, and is illustrated throughout with examples from bilingual as well as monolingual language processing, second language acquisition, and sign languages Student-friendly features include chapter-by-chapter study questions and discussion summaries; the appendix offers an excellent overview of experimental designs in psycholinguistics, and prepares students for their own research Written by an internationally-regarded author team, drawing on forty years of experience in teaching psycholinguistics

8999.49 РУБ



Jessy Tu Chinese As A Second/Additional Language Teaching Station International Strategy Book For Teachers

Practical Teaching Chinese Books,Teaching as a second language grammar Book for Learning Hanzi Books

Christopher Brumfit Individual Freedom in Language Teaching

The book draws upon linguistic, psychological, philosophical, and sociolinguistic principles and uses practical examples from second, foreign, and mother tongue teaching. It attempts to integrate theoretical and empirical work with the practical needs of institutions and of teachers without losing sight of learners needs for free personal choice combined with effective communication.

2499.74 РУБ



Scarino Angela Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning

This wide-ranging survey of issues in intercultural language teaching and learning covers everything from core concepts to program evaluation, and advocates a fluid, responsive approach to teaching language that reflects its central role in fostering intercultural understanding. Includes coverage of theoretical issues defining language, culture, and communication, as well as practice-driven issues such as classroom interactions, technologies, programs, and language assessment Examines systematically the components of language teaching: language itself, meaning, culture, learning, communicating, and assessments, and puts them in social and cultural context Features numerous examples throughout, drawn from various languages, international contexts, and frameworks Incorporates a decade of in-depth research and detailed documentation from the authors’ collaborative work with practicing teachers Provides a much-needed addition to the sparse literature on intercultural aspects of language education

6282.96 РУБ



Elaine Tarone Literacy and Second Language Oracy

This book offers research evidence documenting the significant impact of low literacy skill on adolescents processing of oral L2 input and acquisition.

2569.75 РУБ



John H. Dobson Learn Biblical Hebrew

"This is how we want to learn Hebrew!"John Dobson has travelled to many countries as a teacher of biblical Hebrew. This course is based on his experience teaching groups ranging in size from a few people to over one hundred students, language students as well as those who have never studied a foreign language before, English speakers as well as those for whom English is a second language.The material can be used with equal ease in:*an intensive six-week course*a regular academic language programme*a part-time extension module*self-study, possibly with a mentorTo develop his highly effective teaching method, John Dobson has applied the latest research findings on how people learn. This second edition of Learn Biblical Hebrew has been updated and revised. It is a complete student textbook as well as a comprehensive resource for teachers.

2499 РУБ



Gordon Lewis Grammar for Young Learners

Helps teachers of young learners introduce and practise grammar in a fun and motivating way. Steers a middle course between grammar-based and communicative approaches to teaching: meaning is the main focus of all language teaching and grammar is an intrinsic part of making meaning explicit

1944.61 РУБ



Herbert W. Seliger Second Language Research Methods

Based on a set of four research parameters, this book discusses the development of research questions and hypotheses, naturalistic and experimental research, data collection, and validation of research instruments. Each chapter includes examples and activities.

2778.13 РУБ



Hengeveld Kees Linguistics

Linguistics is a comprehensive crosslinguistic introduction to the study of language, and is ideal for students with no background in linguistics. A comprehensive introduction to the study of language, set apart by its inclusion of cross-linguistic data from over 80 different spoken and signed languages Explores how language works by examining discourse, sentence-structure, meaning, words, and sounds Introduces psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic issues, including language acquisition, neurolinguistics, language variation, language change, language contact, and multilingualism Written in a problem-oriented style to engage readers, and is ideal for those new to the subject Incorporates numerous student-friendly features throughout, including extensive exercises, summaries, assignments, and suggestions for further reading Based on the bestselling Dutch edition of this work, the English edition has been revised and expanded to offer an up-to-date and engaging survey of linguistics for students new to the field

8999.49 РУБ



Face2Face: Pre-intermediate Teachers Book (+ DVD)

Face2face Second edition is a fully updated and redesigned edition of this best-selling general English course for adults and young adults who want to learn quickly and effectively in todays world. Based on the communicative approach, it combines the best in current methodology with innovative new features designed to make learning and teaching easier. Vocabulary and grammar are given equal importance and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking in social situations. Each double-page lesson is easily teachable off the page with minimal preparation. Face2face Second edition is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and gives students regular opportunities to evaluate their progress. Teachers DVD with Real World video, printable Teaching Notes and Photocopiable Materials. 12 Extra Reading photocopiable worksheets to give additional extended reading practice in class or at home. Comprehensive Teaching Notes for every lesson, with language notes, answer keys and extra teaching ideas. 35 fully updated photocopiable communicative Class Activities to practise language from the Students Book. 12 vocabulary Plus photocopiable worksheets to teach additional lexis. 5 photocopiable Study Skills worksheets. 12 fully updated photocopiable Progress Tests.

1403 РУБ



Shaw Christopher Materials and Methods in ELT

Materials and Methods in ELT is an essential resource for teachers or for those engaged in taking professional courses relating to all aspects of English language teaching. Now available in its 3rd edition, this popular teachers’ guide offers a comprehensive and useful introduction to the principles and practice of teaching English as a foreign/second language. It examines the ideas behind current methodology and teaching materials, in addition to offering a practical guide to approaching materials and methods, evaluation and adaptation, technology for materials and methods, and teaching in under-resourced classrooms. These principles are then related to the individual language skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The authors examine the different methodologies available to teachers for organizing and running an ELT classroom; discussing group and pair work, individualization, classroom observation, and the teachers’ role in the contemporary ELT context. Updated throughout, the 3rd edition features a new section on technology for materials and methods, as well as a new chapter on IT in English language teaching, and inclusion of new samples from current teaching materials.

4264.96 РУБ



Macmillan English 2: Practice Book (+ CD-ROM)

Macmillan English is the first International English coursebook to be informed by English lessons in native speaker classrooms. It is designed for second language learners of English but uses many of the approaches to reading, writing and speaking that underpin the teaching of English to first language children. In the early levels, the course does not assume a first language childs experience of spoken English or culture. Language structures are introduced and practised to give a firm grounding in grammar, but from the start, the exposure to new language is more extensive than in traditional second language courses. As children move up through the course, they experience more first language teaching methods. At the upper levels children cover the same aspects of English as do first language learners, though the needs of second language learners are always taken into account. Each level of the course is delivered through eighteen units. Each unit has six lessons requiring a minimum of seven teaching sessions.

1130 РУБ




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